Where can I see the performances?

Nagasaki Kunchi'sperformances can be seen at paid venues and around the center of Nagasaki City.

Watch and enjoy performances at the four main venues below:

  • Suwa Shrine

    Nagasaki Kunchi is the autumn festival of Nagasaki's guardian deity at Suwa Shrine. Thisvenue is very popular with enthusiastic Kunchi fans, and it is very hard to get a good seat.Reserved four-seater boxes, standing areasthatare sold on the day, and sometimes box seats which may be sold separately, are available.In addition, the steps in front of the venue, called Nagasaka, are open as free seating, but advanced application via a lottery is required. For further information, visit the Suwa Shrine Kunchi Dance StageSajiki Committee website.

    Address18-15 Kaminishiyama-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki(View on MAP
    Contact +81-(0)95-821-8596
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  • Otabisho

    This is a temporary shrine facing Nagasaki Harbor where the three portable Omikoshi-shrines stay after descending from Suwa Shrine. There is good transportation such as buses and streetcars to and from this venue.Many stalls surround this area, and it is a lively place where you can enjoy the festival. Four-seater boxesare available at this venue. For further information, visit the Motofuna-machiOtabishoSajiki Committee website.

    Address10-4 Motofuna-machi,Nagasaki City,Nagasaki. Adjacent to Youme Saito shopping center(View on MAP
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  • Yasaka Shrine

    Yasaka Shrine is located in a district that retains an old-fashioned feeling and is known to Nagasaki citizens as "Gion-san".The venue and bleachers are very close so you can feel and see the powerful performances. Four-seater box seatsare available. For further information, see the Yasaka Shrine Sajiki Committee website.

    Address8-53 Kajiya-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki(View on MAP
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  • Chuo KoenKunchi Viewing Stage

    Located near the city center, Chuo Koen’s bench seats have good views, and tickets can be purchasedper person. Some seats allow you to see the performances up close. For further information, see the Nagasaki Traditional Performing Arts Promotion Association website.

    Address5-100 Nigiwai-machi,Nagasaki City, Nagasaki(View on MAP
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Watch“Niwasakimawari”around town.

  • Watch“Niwasakimawari”around town.

    During the Kunchi period, each dance town presents a performanceto bring good fortuneto business establishments, government offices, and private houses around the city center, which is called Niwasakimawari.
    * From the end of September, a three-day Niwasakimawari schedule map is distributed at the Nagasaki Station Tourist Information Center,Kenei Bus Terminal in front of Nagasaki Train Station, and Nagasaki Bus Shinchi Terminal. This guide is also available at the Nagasaki Kunchi Information Center in Hamaichi Arcade and willbe posted on our website.

    Watch“Niwasakimawari”around town.